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Come check out JonBoy’s exclusive tattoo studio at Bar Moxy! Moxy Times Square and JonBoy both share a distinct sense of bravado and hustle, making JonBoy’s decision to open his studio in the hotel a no brainer.

JonBoy’s studio is open to the public, though hotel guests are given priority access for appointments. Due to demand, availability is based on JonBoy’s schedule. Tattoos start at $1,000 and prices will vary based on size, design and location. Already been inked by JonBoy? Please say so in your request.

*In the state of New York, you must be 18 years of age or older to be tattooed. It is against New York State law to tattoo a minor, regardless of parental consent. You must be able to provide a valid State issued ID or Passport.


Tuesday through Sunday 3:00pm – 9 :00pm, by appointment only. 


Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena specializes in merging art and fashion, with his delicate, minimalist tattoos. Tattooing for over 18 years, JonBoy got his start in the traditional shops of the mid-west after leaving seminary college to pursue the marriage of tattooing and faith. JonBoy eventually took his career to NYC to bring fine line tattooing into the mainstream.



As the pioneer of the “tiny tattoo” movement, JonBoy’s client list includes celebrities like G Eazy, Hailey Baldwin, Post Malone, Kendall & Kylie Jenner, and Justin Bieber.

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It is JonBoy’s mastery of the fine line and clean art style that has ushered a new wave of men and women into the tattoo world...


A session with JonBoy is frequently called a “spiritual experience.


...there is no one better to bridge the gap between body art and fashion.


He is a favorite of models and actresses, who appreciate the delicacy and near-invisibility of his work.

The New York Times

The first time I got tattooed by him we hung out for hours,” she said. “He made it an easy process where I felt relaxed.

Sofia Richie for The New York Times

JonBoy's minimal designs have seduced Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, and even Alessandro Michele.


Now it’s cool being the guy you go to in New York. I feel like I have an eye for aesthetics and making sure it looks timeless, classy, sophisticated, and sexy at the same time.

JonBoy for Fashion

When it comes to tattoo artists who have made a significant and altering impact on the industry... NYC's JonBoy must be named.

Inked Mag

...A neon dream of a space is full of hypebeast-y details. The coolest part? It’s located in The Moxy Times Square’s lobby lounge.

Guest of a Guest

JonBoy opened his first stand-alone shop in the lobby of Bar Moxy at The Moxy Hotel in New York’s Time’s Square


I’ve got a lot of people that travel from all over the world to get tattooed by me, so what better place than Moxy [Times Square] Hotel?

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