#SweatAtMoxy with Brrrn!

#SweatAtMoxy with Brrrn!

Magic Hour Rooftop

Brrrn, the world’s first cool temperature fitness experience is now at #SweatAtMoxy. with their CORE & CARDIO SLIDE BOARD SERIES fitness class.  Less heat, more results!  #FeeltheBrrrn

This 50-minute, circuit-based class is focused on core and total body conditioning. It features the slide board as a means to improve balance, mobility, sculpt legs (especially glutes) strengthen inner thighs, improve core strength and overall muscular endurance. Equipment used: Brrrn Slide Board & SandBells Brrrn Booties (we’ll provide)

Clothing: Light layers and Sneakers (required)

To reserve a spot, email fitness@moxytimessquare.com


About Brrrn

In May 2018, Brrrn, the world’s first cool temperature (45°F-60°F) boutique fitness concept and lifestyle brand, opened a 3,000-square-foot studio with a rustic, industrial-chic, lodge aesthetic in New York City’s Flatiron neighborhood (107 W 20th Street). The research driven concept – founded by Jimmy T. Martin and Johnny Adamic – is disrupting the fitness landscape by pairing the benefits of routine cool temperature exposure (called mild cold stress) with exercise (called environmental conditioning) to optimize the fitness experience—as well as provide other health benefits, such as burning more calories than in ambient or hotter environments. Brrrn debuted with a three-tier group exercise program: FLOW (Yoga-Inspired Mobility and Strength Series at 60°F), SLIDE (Cardio Slide Board Core & Conditioning Series at 55°F) and HIT (Battle Rope-Infused HIT Series at 45°F). Read more about them here. The flagship studio includes male and female identifying locker rooms with Nebia showers, an eight-person communal infrared sauna experience and exclusive Brrrn apparel. The Brrrn Coldture™ is a body-positive community that strives for progress, not perfection.