#SweatAtMoxy ft. SURFSET NYC

#SweatAtMoxy ft. SURFSET NYC

Magic Hour Rooftop

SURFSET NYC is combining their SURF (surfboard-based) & SHORE (mat-based) classes for unique surf-inspired workouts at Moxy! These circuit-based classes focus on cardio and strength intervals with workout stations that incorporate different beach tools – from their signature surfboards to sand weights to volleyballs. Their amazing trainers bring the fun & challenging aspects of surfing to land with a total body workout sure to work your muscles from head to toe & leave you smiling from ear to ear!

Sneakers are not required (class is done barefoot) and no surf experience is necessary!

To sign up, email fitness@moxytimessquare.com


For more details on SURFSET NYC, visit their website & social handles, below:


Instagram: @surfsetnyc

Facebook: SURFSET New York City

Twitter: @surfsetnyc


Don’t want to lug your workout clothes to class?  We got you!

Moxy has partnered with Routinely to provide you all the premium workout gear you need for #SweatAtMoxy, 100% complimentary!  Simply show up a few minutes prior to class and we’ll have your gear ready and waiting.

To order your gear, click here and put in your order no later than Wednesday afternoon. Be sure to put #SweatAtMoxy in the special delivery and “sweatatmoxy” as the promo code.

When you arrive to class at the Magic Hour Rooftop, your bag will be waiting on the bar with your name on it.  After class, return the gear in the bag and put it back on the bar.  Easy!