Moxy’s Fashion Fun House

Moxy’s Fashion Fun House

Bar Moxy

Moxy Times Square will kick off Fashion Month with a ‘Fashion Fun House’ – an exciting yet unexpected experience amidst NYFW.  Free and open to the public, the space will aim to surprise, challenge, and amuse, all while keeping it fashion!

The surreal space will feature distorting mirrors, maze-like barriers, and the ever-present Instagrammable moments.  A stylish and chic twist on the traditional carnival destination – guests can expect fashion inspired elements such as ‘Fashion Whack-A-Mole’ (allowing guests to take aim at their favorite fashion icons), a high-heeled stiletto ring toss, and dueling slides allowing friends to race in designer burlap sacks.

Prizes include complimentary stays at Moxy Times Square, free drinks at Bar Moxy, and so much more.

Come get twisted at Moxy Times Square’s Fashion Fun House this NYFW!

No RSVP necessary.