Drunk Yoga

Drunk Yoga

Magic Hour Rooftop

Kick-off your Saturday with every New Yorker’s favorite activity weekend activity: brunch, of course! Brunch brings us together, yoga brings you to yourself. Meet us on the mat to fill your glass, heart, and appetite for our signature Drunk Yoga® class at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge! #namasteresponsibly

A 15-minute happy hour will kick off your party. We’ll uncork the wine, play some music and mingle. Your Drunk Yoga teacher will then bring everyone to their mats for a 45-minute beginner-friendly yoga class with wine in-hand. The class will be structured for optimal safety and fun.

Afterward, enjoy 1 free cocktail from Magic Hour Rooftop’s “Botanical Bar” and 10% off your Brunch check. Come laugh, feel yourself, and find community.


Tickets Available HERE.