#SweatAtMoxy with Spirit(s) Yoga

Magic Hour Rooftop

Join us for a free yoga class with Spirit(s) Yoga! Open to all levels, Spirit(s) Yoga features music you can’t NOT dance and sing along to (think Beyonce meets every 90’s hit you ever lip-synced to in the mirror with a hairbrush in-hand as a teen) plus your favorite yoga poses integrated with thoughtful partner games and rules —curated to foster care-free fun while making new friends (and sculpting a pretty killer yoga-bod). Join us for this one-of-a-kind yoga party before work and spread the joy to your office!

Hotel guests are invited to attend the class for free, please visit the link HERE and enter code moxyspirit for 100% off! 

Spirit(s) Yoga is founded by Drunk Yoga  – but this time sans – beverage. Spirit(s) Yogas is an alcohol free class. 



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